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The negative effects of teens abusing alcohol

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Teen alcohol abuse is bad and the negative effects are even worse. Teens don’t look into the negative effects of drinking like the legal trouble, the health consequences, or how being under the influence can lead to a bad decision that could impact their lives or somebody else’s.

The legal age for drinking is 21 so if a teen is caught drinking, they face legal trouble. Legal issues may stay on your record, for the rest of your life and could affect what jobs you get or what schools you can attend. A teen doesn’t have to be drinking alcohol to get in trouble. Getting into legal trouble isn’t a joke. Teens don’t think of the consequences when. Drinking even adults have to be careful.

“It is illegal to drink underage and you can serve jail time for that  drinking and then getting behind the wheel and hurting someone else, murder, intentionally or not, ” Darrah Devinney, 10 said.

Drinking laws include violations such as public intoxication or driving under the influence (DUI).

Alcohol affects your decision making. You may do something you would never do sober. It alters your mindset and blurs your vison. When you choose to drink you choose to put your life at risk and others also.

“Students get promiscuous and start to think their invincible,” Career and Life Planning Dalinda Hamilton said.

A lot of accidents involve people under the influence and led to deaths of the person under the influence and sometimes others. Also, drinking could affect the way you act at school. If you’re out drinking and make bad choices those choices, could affect your education. Once you make the choice to drink, you have to accept the consequences.

There are multiple health risks for teen drinkers. Teens don’t take into consideration how much alcohol hurts their body. Your body will start reacting and you might black out, if it surpasses a certain limit of alcohol. Your body could shut down if you don’t get help in time. If you also drink every day or several days of the week, your body will start reacting to it. The risks of long-term drinking can include kidney failure that could lead to other risks like Anemia.

“When you drink too much and you don’t realize your drinking so much, usually you pass out you vomit. When you vomit, you have higher risk of aspirating, which is the cause of lots of deaths,” school nurse Eddie Stackley said.

Your body suffers a lot after abusing alcohol. Why would you want to put your body at risk?

Drinking will impact your life. It may alter your life in a negative way. If you know someone who drinks, you should explain the consequences to them. Drinking isn’t all fun and games. You could lose your life or take someone else’s. Is it worth your life?

Keirstyn Watkins

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The negative effects of teens abusing alcohol