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Pep it up!: Claudia Chaparro looks at upgrading pep rallies

Claudia Chaparro

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Our prep rallies have gradually changed through the years. Some might say they have gotten worse, others might think they have gotten better. There could be some improvements to make them more interesting and involve the students more. Things that could be improved includes the music we play when walking in or in dances, the involvement of students, and making the event more interesting.

The music is a huge part of getting students excited. If the music is old and out of date and slow students are more likely not to be excited to be there. If the music is upbeat and recent students get excited and want to see what is going to happen. If we look back to the pep rally two years ago the music was more interesting and just as you walked into the auditorium you were excited and pumped. The better the music and the more recent it is the more the students will be excited to be there.

Involvement of students is a big part in the pep rally because the the rally is for the students and if they aren’t interested and aren’t pulled in to participate then what’s the point. Students should be as involved as possible you obviously can’t obligated them but you can make them want to get involved as soon as they walk in. pump them up tell them to stand and cheer and get them excited to cheer for our school. It’s all up to the students overall but if we could in any way make it more interesting for the students like games or a pizza party for the class the cheers harder or you get out early something interesting.

Also a just make the event interesting as a whole and making the students want to be there is a must. Pep rallies should be something students look forward to, not somthing students dislike being at. The pep rallies now aren’t bad but could use improvement.

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Pep it up!: Claudia Chaparro looks at upgrading pep rallies