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Drake: Is his music hot or not?

Madison Riter-Bowman

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Drake seems to be the new craze, everyone is obsessing over him, and his new album “Views”.  Although his album cover may look cool and eye catching I don’t understand why so many people enjoy listening and watching him be a dramatic and emotional mess.  He is so full of himself and holds himself so highly in his own head that he went as far as telling everyone he is a legend and the real God of Toronto.  Not only is he dramatic, and full of himself, his music isn’t even pleasing, most of the lyrics are incomprehensible, or makes little to no sense.

Everyone hates on Taylor Swift for being too emotional, and overly dramatic, some people even go as far as calling her psycho.  Although Drake does the same thing, he claims repeatedly in his songs that he “came from the bottom”  and that he had it rough growing up and getting where he is, but in all reality he grew up with a pretty good life. Things just came to him he didn’t go through any major struggles to get where he is today.  All of his songs have some emotional part where he complains about a girl treating him some way, or not replying to his texts, or how his friends aren’t really his friends.

While waiting for Drake’s album “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” he declared himself “The real God of Toronto” and put up a Billboard in his hometown Toronto saying “The 6 God is watching”.  Declaring himself the God of Toronto is a bit too far in my opinion.  People only like him only because he caught every ones eye with his awkward dance moves and crazy nonsense lyrics.  It’s crazy for him to take it that far when he only got attention for acting crazy and weird.  Him being so full of himself and taking it that far makes me dislike him even more, no one likes someone that is that cocky and full of themselves.

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Drake: Is his music hot or not?