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New Year’s Resolutions: CHS edition

Abbriel Hadley,10

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With the start of the new year finally here, Americans and people from all around the globe are setting resolutions for the new year. These new steps in their lives can help make them happier, healthier, and and have a better life overall.

The most common goals include of exercising more, eating better, to stop smoking, learn a new skill, and to drink less alcohol. Circle High School students have even set themselves similar resolutions for the start of 2017.   

“For the new year I have chose to become a better person overall. Whether it’s to eat healthier, do better in sports, or to have a better attitude towards others and myself, I want to improve on it.” Madison Schwemmer, 10, says.

Jenica Armstrong, 10, also has a similar resolution.

“ My goal for 2017 is to care less about what people say about me and be more happy and comfortable in my skin. Being happy and being me is what really matters. “ Armstrong says.

Not everyone thinks that New Years resolutions are something people should do.  Some say if you really want to change something in your life, you shouldn’t wait till the new year to begin the new you.

“I don’t see the point of setting a resolution for yourself. If you want to change something so bad in your life, go for it as soon as you want to change it. There is no point in waiting for something you want.”  Landon Myer, 11, says.

Either way, the new year is a way for people to start something good in their life, and we should encourage everyone to be the best of their abilities.

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New Year’s Resolutions: CHS edition