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New Places and New Friends: Naccarato to teach in Africa

Harrison Metzger, 9

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Devin Naccarato has lived in countries other than the United States but he has never been to the continent of Africa. All of that is about to change for the foreign language teacher in Towanda, Kansas.


“I’ve lived in other countries before, I was a student in other countries, but I’ve never worked in countries other than the US so this will be different,” said Naccarato.


Naccarato is a French and Spanish foreign language teacher at Circle High School. He will be leaving at the end of the 2016-17 school year to teach at an international baccalaureate (IB) school in Africa.


The school is in the suburbs of Accra, the capital of Ghana, which is on the inner western coast of Africa. Naccarato will be teaching middle school French phases 2 and 3 but he will also be learning some new things, as teaching in “rural Kansas” is a little bit different than teaching in an IB school in Africa.

“Since I don’t have previous experience teaching in an in IB French the school is going to train me for that,” said Naccarato, referring to the new teaching setting. “As a teacher you can pretty much go anywhere you want with that IB experience.”


He plans to teach there for two years and he will have the yearly option to extend his contract if the school wants to keep him. Naccarato doesn’t seem too concerned about what will come after Africa.


“I don’t know, it depends who hires me after that.”


Naccarato isn’t just there for the work though, as he says he unquestionably wants to do some traveling while he is there.


“Yeah, I would definitely want to travel more like go up more to northern Africa, go to Morocco, and then South Africa because during the North Hemisphere’s summer it’s South Africa’s winter and they have a very mild climate that is very nice.”


Of course there is the other side, how he feels about leaving his students here at home in Kansas.


“Oh I’m sure some are celebrating.” Naccarato said with a laugh. “But I think a lot of them, I don’t know, I think a lot of my students, don’t want me to leave”

It turns out he is right.


Jesse Stephens, a sophomore in one of Naccarato’s Spanish classes said that he is sad to see him leave.


“He’s a good teacher, he’s funny, he knows how to keep the class active, he’s not like a boring teacher, he’s cool.”


Both Stephens and another student, Kyler Osbourn, talked about Naccarato’s ability to keep the class involved and keep it fun.


“I mean I don’t really want him to leave, he’s a pretty good teacher,” said Osbourn who is a student in one of his French classes. “That class is very fun, we get really off topic a lot and he talks about past students, and there are lots of inside jokes. It’s pretty fun.”


Naccarato started to tear up as he talked about leaving some of his students.


“I think there are some I guess that I’ve had for years, you know that I’ve had for a couple years, it is kind of sad like, you know leaving that, and leaving the program I’ve spent four years building.”


In the end Naccarato hopes he will be able to pick up in Africa the things that he will leave here. Friends.

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New Places and New Friends: Naccarato to teach in Africa