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Update: CHS junior takes a look at Trump’s body of work to this point

Kara Ragan, 11

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Donald Trump was sworn into the presidential office on January 17, 2017. So far, he has signed seven executive orders. Some of the orders have the goal of making America safer from illegal aliens and terrorist group such as ISIS. The borders are not well protected and Trump wishes to erase Obama’s amnesty. Others are in the interest of the environment, and the prevention of corruption of political officials, and economic issues, such as repealing Obamacare.

He signed these executive orders in a span of eleven days and many more will come, although the big question on American minds is, “Are we really going to build a wall?”

“I have no idea, he’s really unpredictable. There’s no way to know until he builds it. We’ll have to wait and find out if he does,” Madison Riter-Bowman, 10, said.

According to, it could cost our nation anywhere from 15 to 40 billion dollars to construct a wall. Trump announced that the wall would be $12 billion dollars. The source, reports that the United States is $20.1 trillion. If the wall were built where would the money come from? Taxpayers? Mexico? The reality is that Americans will be paying for the wall. There may not be mutual benefits of a wall for Mexico.

WGN TV reports that Trump froze the hiring of anyone in the federal government besides military personnel and gave the attorney general the boot. Pipelines are being constructed and the new president believes that pipelines should produce exclusively United States materials. He also hopes to make manufacturing in foreign countries easier for U.S. businesses. President Trump ordered a plan to defeat ISIS to be drawn up in attempt to cut off its funding. Along with this battle plan, Syrian refugees are banned as well as immigration from several Muslim countries.

Besides the issue of funding for the wall, the American economy has risen and it has fallen. Right now we are in a valley and we are relying on Donald Trump to improve ours. In an interview with “The Street” he admits his chagrin, “We’re in a bubble,” President Trump said. “And, frankly, if there’s going to be a bubble popping, I hope they pop before I become president because I don’t want to inherit all this stuff. I’d rather it be the day before rather than the day after, I will tell you that.” The hole we are in may take several generations to get out of.

These orders from the president are working toward the goal of national security. The United States wishes to prevent terrorist attacks such as The Boston Marathon, having a low casualty rate, but leaving many injured and 9/11, one of the most memorable and deadly attacks. He has withdrawn the nation from a trade deal with Asia as well. Since the moment he was sworn in, Trump has been busy bringing about change in America.  

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The official student news site of Circle High School
Update: CHS junior takes a look at Trump’s body of work to this point