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Prom-Posals: The proper way to ask you special someone

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When Prom rolls around each year, juniors and seniors must ask themselves the question, ‘How will I propose to my special someone this year?’ Some prom-posals are popular, but cliche. When you prom-pose you need to have some kind of material item whether it is a poster or candy. Social media is a gold mine of ideas, but make sure you personalize it to the person you are asking. Pinterest especially is a great place to look for prom-posals.

Friends can ask friends to prom as well as couples can, because prom is more fun with those you are close to, whether it’s romantic or not. When planning a prom-posal, do not use the same cheesy proposal the guy next to you used. Follow through on the delivery of the prom-posal and spend time with your date afterward. Under no circumstances should you throw together a half-baked prom-posal to ask someone.

This year Jack Kirkham, 12, asked his longtime girlfriend Kassidy Redington, 12, to prom without a prom-posal. Last year, he got her a box of doughnuts to ask her.

“I would want it (a prom-posal) to be something really cute and thought out. I want something extravagant,” Redington said.

Prom-posals are great to receive. It makes the recipient feel wanted and special.  

“I came home from work on Saturday afternoon and Austin (Todd) was in my room and he had a sign laid out on my bed with tacos that said ‘Let’s Taco Bout Prom’,” Grace Evans,10, said.

Even though it is viewed as traditional for the boy to ask the girl, the role can be reversed.

Addison Stuever, 12, asked her boyfriend, Jordan Hecker, 12, to their senior prom with a Fitbit and a poster reading, ‘We’d make a perfect fit at prom.’ She decided to ask him to this last dance since he had asked her the last three times.

“I was really excited that she asked me to prom and I was. I feel that the guys don’t always have to ask the girls. I thought her prom-posal was really good,” Hecker said.

Trinity Cooper, 10, was asked by Ben Harter, 11, with a bouquet of flowers. Keegan Leth-Nissen, 11, prom-posed to Keely Shaft, 11,  with a stuffed giraffe with a note that said, ‘It’s not a stretch that Prom would be fun with you.’

Boyfriends typically ask their girlfriends, so sometimes the question is anticipated instead of being a surprise.

“I kind of knew it was coming because he told me about it but at the same time I was really excited I got asked,” Evans said.

The perspective of underclassmen who need to be asked by a junior or senior to go to prom have their own dreams of being prom-posed to.

“I want to be asked using terms from basketball like, ‘Wanna hit it at prom’ with a basketball,” Taylor Pratt, 10, said.

These prom-posals go to show anyone can come up with a great way to ask someone to prom. The possibilities are endless. Even a horse had a sign draped over it, ‘Prom?’ with two check boxes saying ‘Yay or Neigh’. Most high schoolers don’t have a horse around, but any of the above prom-posals will get the job done. Have fun with how you ask your date and if your prom-posal is great the chances are that your prom night will be unforgettable.

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Prom-Posals: The proper way to ask you special someone