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Football players weigh in on new coach

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A fresh start for the football team after three years of the same coach. Many have their opinions about the new head coach Logan Clothier and what he will bring to the football to team and the improvements he will make. Some don’t like change but a fresh start can be good.

Senior players who are moving on won’t get to experience the new coach have their opinions on how they think things will change and if things will improve. The football team has struggled with winning but everyone still has hope. Change isn’t for everyone but at times it’s necessary.

“Honestly, I expect progress in the program, along with more players coming out. It would be nice to see the student body to be more involved, also as a team we need more leadership, not just from the players, but the coaches as well” Hunter Lies, 11 said.

Players have mixed emotions on how the new season will begin and if they will have an improvement. They are used to having the same routine with the same people telling them what to do and how to do it. Now they will have a new coach telling them to do things differently than what they were taught and have to learn new routines and drills. The change will be big, coaches all have different methods the players will have to learn to adjust to his methods.

“I feel like we shouldn’t be guessing what the offensive scheme is going to be, but it needs to be balanced, whatever is working on game day is what we need to attack with. I can’t wait to take advantage of the opportunities that are coming for us this year.” Lies said.

All the students and players want is improvement and to be better than what they have been. New ideas and a fresh head coach could help if the things that have previously been done haven’t improved. A fresh mind and a clear head could always help.

“ We’re looking to become a stronger more unified family and look to incorporate a lot of new ideas from Coach Clothier.”Jarrett Harker 10 said.

The older players who have now moved on, including some who will play college football, have their opinions on the new changes. 

“I would like to see them have more intense and hyped up practices, which means more hitting. I also think that for the benefit of the team more tackling drills should be included. Coach Clothier and the rest of his staff need to know his players, and also the players need to know him, it will help form respect.” Jordan Hecker, 12 said.

In order for change to be possible and for the team to improve they need to be open to Coach Clothier, and not be uneasy. The team is now in his hands. Students and players have to open to the new ideas the coach will bring as they might be different and new, but you won’t know if they work until you try it. Everyone wants to see different changes but it’s all up to the individual.

“The practice need to be more up beat and they have to be willing to listen to the new coach they have to believe in him so that they might have success in the future.” Matthew Antone,12 said.

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Football players weigh in on new coach