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Fidget Spinners: Helpful or Harmful?

Tory Lanterman, 9

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Fidget Spinners are becoming more and more popular every day. Students, adults, and even teachers play with them.

The Spinners are a small device with a ball at the center, it spins in between your fingers. They come in all colors and designs. Kids will try to spin it on their hand, noses, elbows and desks.

Fidget Spinners are supposed to help people with attention problems. Although, some experts do not believe they help, they believe they cause a bigger distraction.

Corbin Tandy, a freshman at CHS, believes the fidget spinner helps him stay focused. “When I have my spinner in motion, I am focused on the teacher and what I should be doing.”

Some teachers think it is becoming a distraction, and have began to ban them from their classrooms.

Tandy says “Teachers see them as a distraction or a hinderance to their learning environment but they don’t see the benefits to the students.”

These benefits are  stress relieving, focusing and attention spans.

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Fidget Spinners: Helpful or Harmful?