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Hacky-sack: Making a comeback?

Kaydn Dobosz, 10

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You may know that hacky sack was a popular game in the 80’s and 90’s and were associated with the hippies, ‘stoners’, and grunge crowds. Since then it has faded out and is not played much anymore. However is hacky making a comeback?

Recently students at Circle High School have been playing the game around the halls and after class. This brings about the question, why has hacky suddenly gained such popularity?

Many students claimed that hacky sacks are making a comeback.

“It has definitely already made a comeback,” said Corbin Tandy, 10. “Footbags are very popular now, and the market is only growing”.

Londyn Bardin,11, agrees. “I think it’s definitely making a comeback. Hacky sack used to be big part of our parents generation and it kind of faded out, and it’s now it’s coming back,” Bardin said.

So why is this trend becoming so popular once again?  Max Moholland, 9,claims “Hacky sacks are cheap so they are super easy to get, it doesn’t really take a lot of planning and it’s a fun game to play with friends or just a good way to pass time.”

So don’t throw your hacky sack away just yet, and expect to see your fellow student continuing this old trend.

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Hacky-sack: Making a comeback?