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ADVERTISING with Circle Journalism is easy!


9 Circle Vision magazines for 2015-2016

148 pg full-color True Blue yearbook

Color ad space also available in: seasonal sports programs, play programs, tournament programs

Ad Reach: Large school district including multiple towns and Wichita with Sedgwick and Butler counties; 550+ students. Magazine are delivered to area businesses and national high school journalism departments. Support Circle journalism while promoting your business with an advertisement in our many publications.

CHS Ad Rate Card 2015 (2)


Contact us today regarding the opportunities listed below.

ATTN: Circle Journalism Dept.

905 Main, Towanda, KS 67144

316.541.2277. ext 1274




Sr Recognition Ad Rate Card 2016

Grad Ads are due by April 1. View the Senior Reconition Ad Rate Card above for details.

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Journalistic standards (fairness, accuracy, truth, avoidance of libel and bad taste) will be maintained in the advertising of Circle publications. We will not accept advertisements for tobacco, alcoholic beverages, or any other substance that is illegal for students to buy or possess. All advertisements must be arranged by a signed contract binding on both parties. Advertisers will be billed within 30 days of receiving the ad contract to the physical address on the contract. If the advertiser fails to pay his bill, the business manager will send a reminder notice twice. If at the end of three months the bill remains unpaid, the business manager will let the appropriate staff know that the advertisement will not be ran in the publication.


2016 TRUE BLUE PURCHASE INFORMATION  The earlier you purchase it, the more you save! Options to personalize the cover with the student’s name and icons in gold embossed writing is now available. Payment options also available.




Missing a yearbook in your personal collection? Purchase back issues of the True Blue yearbook. Contact for details.

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Advertising/Yearbook Sales