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Excited to take a CHS journalism class?  21st Century Journalism is a year long class open to 9-11 grades and serves as the pre-requisite class to taking Magazine Production or Yearbook Production. All three courses satisfy English graduation requirements and are one credit hour. Magazine staff and yearbook staff members must apply by spring to be considered for the following year’s staff with teacher approval and an required application with parent signature on file.

Why take a journalism class? Students get to use cutting-edge equipment to produce student publications and media projects for the school community. They also further develop public speaking, teamwork, leadership, news writing, web design, and digital photography skills to later help them in the college and/or life after high school. Lastly, advanced journalism classes offer students the chance to travel to workshops and competitions sponsored by Jostens, Inc. and the Kansas Scholastic Press Association. See student testimonials below.

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Journalism Class Applications:

21st Century Journalism Class App 2015

CV Staff Application 2015

True Blue Yearbook Staff Application 2015

CV Staff 2015

Circle Journalism Testimonials:

Sydney Breault, Circle Vision & True Blue Photo Editor 2011-2014 “Honestly, this program really got me hooked on what I plan to do for the rest of my life. It helps you break out of your comfort zone by having you talk to new people and do things you normally wouldn’t. I am glad I got into the program because it really changed my life.”

Breault is  attending Butler CC on a media scholarship and regulary takes photos and writes content for The Lantern newspaper.

Maddie Stephens, Circle Vision Editor-in-Chief 2010-2013 “I loved being on the newspaper staff. It gave me an excellent experience and really expanded my knowledge with journalism, design, and photography. It also gave me the opportunity to talk with a wide spread of students who I otherwise probably wouldn’t have talked to.”

Katelyn Hageman,Circle Vision Editor-in-Chief 2013-2014, News Editor 2011-2012

“Being on the news magazine staff allows me to get to know lots of people I normally wouldn’t talk to, develop communications skills, and I get behind-the-scenes privileges that others don’t! I’m the first to know when something big happens. I love being able to write, take photos, and talk to lots of people.”

Rachel Higgins, True Blue Editor-in-Chief 2013-2014

“Working on the yearbook staff was an amazing experience. I learned so many skills that I now use on a regular basis. It improved my grammar, spelling, social skills, phone skills, leadership skills, and even helped me become a strategic thinker. I’ve become much more interested in writing and photography and plan on keeping them as an important part of my future.

It was so much fun being the person who my classmates could come to for advice and inspiration. I loved being a part of a class that was built around imagination and teamwork. That was the best part: making one big project out of everyone’s ideas and becoming one.”

Mandy Fowler, True Blue Editor-in-Chief 2012-2013 “I learned so much in my journalism classes. They also helped me develop skills that I hope to make a career one day.”

Brett Courtney, True Blue Managing Editor 2012-2013 “It was a blessing. I got to work with an awesome group of people. I was in several journalism classes all four years in high school, where I received third place in Yearbook Sports Writing during KSPA Regionals my junior year and went to State! We got to take trips including K-State for a conference and KU for a yearbook conference. You guys should definitely take a journalism class if you want to become a better writer or a photographer. It was a blast working with every single person. I highly recommend everyone to join.”


Ivory Yoakem, Circle Vision Staff & True Blue Staff 2014-2015

“You get to know a lot of people throughout the school that you wouldn’t know otherwise. It helps you open up to people a lot more. Teamwork is so important. You can get almost anything accomplished with help.”

Lauren Gray, Circle Vision Student Life Editor 2011-2012

“Being in Circle Journalism made me a better writer and prepared me for future interviews I had to do in college.”

Nick Edwards, True Blue Sports Editor/Circle Vision Entertainment Editor 2013-2014

“It’s fun. You get to learn more about Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. Also, the field trips are fun. I highly recommend you join us.”

True Blue staff 2013

Taylor Allison, True Blue Clubs Editor 2013-2014

“I like yearbook not only because it’s fun but because it’s not like any other class. I get to design modules, place pictures, and write captions. I really enjoy working with everyone who is on the staff.”

Kayla Monk, True Blue Photographer 2011-2014 “Being on the yearbook staff was something I always wanted as a kid because I enjoy taking pictures. I’ve been on staff three years and learned a lot of skills that will potentially be helpful in the future.”

mag staff brainstorming

Lily Stolfi, True Blue Photographer 2012-2014

“Yearbook is a class I love being in because it builds people skills and lets you get to know people you never would of thought you’d get to know. Also, you learn a lot about photography and watch yourself grow your skills in English and digital art. Not only do you get to watch yourself grow but you watch your staff grow together and build friendships that you will cherish for a lifetime. I appreciate what journalism had done for my personality and life.”

staff camp pic

India Wilson, True Blue Photographer 2013-2014

“In yearbook class you get to be creative and try new things and be yourself. On Wednesdays we get together and eat a lot of junk food. It’s really fun!”


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